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Project Type

Project Type

Enterprise Software for a VoIP/UcaaS Provider. Developed a Customer Interaction Portal including a variety of automation and integration solutions such as Microsoft teams direct routing, billing systems, automated ordering, etc.



Project Duration

This website project commenced in 2017 and remains ongoing


Our clients’ customers faced a good number of problems using old systems:

  • Old traditional VoIP infrastructures
  • There was no unique portal where the user could log in and manage the required VoIP services
  • Manual phone number purchase process
  • Order registration and order activation needed to be manually
  • Manual telephones routing
  • Manual onboarding process
  • Lack of provisioning

Our Solutions


We developed a customer interaction portal that we integrated with a variety of external services. Implemented Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, the automation of the order processing, activation, provisioning, de-provisioning, and deactivation of customer services instantly and without the need for a support team, as well as a user interface to organize all the processes.


We introduced a very complex product in terms of the range of technologies used, the usage of different cloud services, and the communication between various components and technologies. Moreover, Cloud VoIP Automation is a relative advantage of this product that other companies providing VoIP solutions do not provide or are in the very early stages of development.

Main Features

  • 1.

    This portal provides facilities such as observing, activating, and organizing the services provided by our client.
  • 2.

    Automatic processes for provisioning, de-provisioning, activating/deactivating and calculating cost of services, with billing software integration, are in place.
  • 3.

    Integration with the Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams service: SinanSoft team has implemented Microsoft Teams Direct Routing wizard and stepper component, created Workflow and Activity for setting up new TN subscribers on existing platform/tenant on PSX, Teams Onboarding workflow by subscriber admin request in SC tenant UI, Run Teams Onboarding workflow by subscriber admin request in SC tenant UI, Direct Route Voice provisioning for Teams users (Number assignment to team users). Our team established Workflow and Activity for setting up a new platform/tenant on PSX. Also established test/build/deploy pipeline for MTDR micro-service and Microsoft Teams Authentication workflow.
  • 4.

    The possibility of internal and external conversations with landline and mobile numbers using the Microsoft Teams application. (Integration with Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams).
  • 5.

    UI implementation for the VIP service under the name of Silhouette.
  • 6.

    Numbers application for Service Control that provides the addition of the new 'Numbers' section for parent and child account view of all tenant-associated numbers and their status, and a slide-in detail view of platform assignment, end-user detail, and history.
  • 7.

    Sign up Landing Page which sees the creation of partner-specific landing pages for service trial sign up and activation initiated by Microsoft Teams tenant admins without the involvement of one bill as the initial source.

Partner Technologies

We have deployed the infrastructure of the product to the AWS cloud. Below are some of the services we have been using:

Main Services

  • AWS EKS Cluster

  • Load Balancer service

  • S3 Service

  • ECR Service

  • Code Artifact Service

  • RDS Service

  • CI/CD Service

  • Code Analysis Service

  • Sentry service

  • Route 53 Service

  • Elastic Cache Service

  • Open VPN Service

  • Terraform

Sidelong Services

  • Single Sign On Service

  • Log Management Service

  • Monitoring Service

  • Work Follow Management Services

  • Tracing Service

  • BI Service

  • KAFKA Service


Benefits of the developed solutions

  • Ability to control all services in one platform
  • Microsoft Team Direct Routing feature is available to customers which open a huge market
  • Our solution reduced the time spent on responding support tickets
  • The users now can automatically purchase phone numbers from famous telephone providers like Thinkio, Voxbone, and Bandwidth through the portal.
  • Telephone number Provisioning and De-provisioning


Once a telephone number is purchased, routing must be completed, then be transferred to a system called SBC that we know with the PSX API and from there to be distributed to different platforms. (Set up PSX on the main provider).

In the second step, we set up the PSX service (internal system) so that the number is transferred to a service such as Silhouette. A number is registered in an SDK, a destination is defined and it is sent to a routing label. We have automated all the provisioning steps for our client.

When a time of usage of numbers expires and does not renew, a de-provisioning procedure would run and remove the phone number from the account, and the assignment of that number is unassigned from the platform it is assigned to. Then inside PSX, we change the destination to out of service.

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Christopher Olofson
Christopher Olofson

Founder and Director


I'd gladly recommend Saeid to a colleague. We worked together for several years, and his firm developed high quality full-stack code, on time and on budget.

Patty Radovan
Patty Radovan

Managing Director and Co-Founder


We worked together for several years. Saeid and his team are thoughtful and professional partner. His hands-on approach to our projects along with the teams he assembled ensured high quality product that was on time and on budget.

Lupe Garcia
Lupe Garcia

Product & Customer Experience Specialist


Working with Saeid and his team was the highlight of my workday. His leadership was demonstrated by many deliverables that were true to spec and on time every time. The team is so efficient, knowledgeable, flexible and are a true reflection of Saeid’s management. Along with his impressive technical skills and dedication to products he is kind and fun to work with. I would gladly collaborate with this amazing team on any software project and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Andrew Munn
Andrew Munn
Andrew Munn

Software Engineer


Saeid is an insightful technologist and skilled manager of complex technology projects. He has successfully delivered multiple software products for us, always within the agreed upon budget and timeframe.

Mark Spritzler
Mark Spritzler

Vice President Software Engineering


I have worked with Saeid and his team of developers for 4 1/2 years and have been very impressed by the quality and quantity of the software they can provide for our team. They are very knowledgeable and adaptable to any of our needs. Saeid as a manager stays on top of his team and makes sure that all the goals and deadlines are met with high quality. He is very easy to work with and an extremely nice person. I would love to be able to work with him and his team anytime.

Amantha Bagdon
Amantha Bagdon
Amantha Bagdon

Founder & CEO


Working with Hoda, Saeid, and the SinanSoft team to develop wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for our Customer Delight Product has been an absolute joy and a remarkable experience. Their expertise, creativity, and professionalism have exceeded all expectations, resulting in a truly outstanding outcome. I cannot praise their work enough.From the very beginning, Hoda showcased a deep understanding of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles. She effortlessly transformed our ideas and vision into beautiful and intuitive wireframes that perfectly captured the essence of our product.