About Us

SinanSoft is a Software Development and IT Solutions provider company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, providing custom software development services to clients across the U.S. and globe.

About Company

SinanSoft Solutions is a Software Development company specialized in engineering and integration life cycle of complex Distributed Enterprise applications, high traffic portals development, E-Commerce Systems and other various types of Software Products. SinanSoft development strategies is managed by experienced software developers with years of development experience in European projects. Our main office is located in Los Angeles, California to manage projects delivery process to our customers in Los Angeles, California and Europe. Our development branches are located in Eastern Europe countries like Ukraine and in Asia, which gives us access to pool of high educated IT specialists, and ability to grow our staff as the projects demand increases. We have a constantly recruitment process to employ developers in such countries like Ukraine, where we can implement our project by high qualified engineers at a competitive cost level. Our strategy is to use this advantage to outsource software development projects from such countries like United States, with the shortage of human resources in software/IT development to the countries with more labor resources at much lower cost level.

SinanSoft is a reliable partner for next customer categories:


Startups are mostly into reducing their development expenses, SinanSoft can help startups by providing pool of developers from cheaper labor markets. From brainstorming with the project founders, providing architecture, technology and hosting, help building up internal technology department, scale up and adapt the software to the market challenges until we finally hand the responsibility over to your internal staff.


SinanSoft is outsourcing partner for customers with reliable IT infrastructure needs. whatever your business is, we will solve your traffic, performance and scaleability problems, and enable your IT infrastructure and your staff to face the challenges of the growing markets. we develop and support your front site as well as your internal enterprise applications with competitive rates and prices. we grow the size of your development team as your organisation's IT demands increase.

Ready Resources to start New Project

SinanSoft has resources that can be quickly assigned to a new Project or a new Customer. Advantage is that the planned core resources can be relocated to the project from the bench. SinanSoft can make a quick additional staffing of the new projects due to effective HR practices combined with a good knowledge of human resources markets.

Contract options

  • Flexible contract options
  • Fixed Price for customers with clearly defined requirements Time and Materials (for customers with projects in the process of being defined)
  • Hybrid, Time and Materials as the architecture and specs are defined, and a Fixed Price for implementation.