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Project Overview

RxPost is an inventory sharing platform tailored to independent pharmacies. The platform is designed to assist these pharmacies in optimizing their unused inventory, thereby enabling them to enhance their revenue while dedicating more time to serving their local communities. Having successfully established itself in the market as a web application for a year, RxPost now seeks to enhance its user experience and streamline operational workflows.



Project Duration

The project is scheduled for a 45-day duration, spanning from April 17th to May 30th.


We initiated the project by engaging with stakeholders to gather insights into the project's objectives and business requirements. While the initial feedback from stakeholders provided a foundational understanding, we recognized the importance of delving deeper into the needs of end-users.

Available Data

Our research process began by leveraging the data collected by the marketing team over the years. This dataset encompassed valuable information derived from sources such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, and social media analytics. Hotjar, in particular, played a pivotal role in understanding user behavior on the web application. We meticulously collated this data onto a research board using FigJam, facilitating its synthesis into an affinity diagram.

Research Methodology

Heuristic Evaluation

We initiated our research with a comprehensive heuristic evaluation, thoroughly scrutinizing various application flows. Additionally, as there was no initial design documentation available, we reconstructed the existing software flows.

Competitors Audit

In collaboration with the stakeholders, we identified a set of market competitors. We further conducted our research, expanding the list to encompass additional competitors. This enabled us to create detailed audit sheets, the flows, interface, and features of both direct and indirect competitors. A comprehensive report was then presented to the stakeholders.

Interview with Customers

We engaged with four RxPost customers through interviews, actively identifying pain points and requirements regarding the web application. These interviews were meticulously documented, and an empathy map was constructed, derived from user feedback on the application.

Website Design

User Personas

Four distinct personas were crafted, each representing a specific user group interacting with the platform. These personas served as the bedrock for design decisions throughout the project.

User Personas

User Journey Map

To enhance the overall user experience, we created detailed user journey maps for all application flows. These maps enabled us to pinpoint errors and areas requiring improvement in every step of the user's journey toward their end goal. Insights gleaned from prior research phases guided us in refining the user flow to better align with user needs.

User Flows

Following the creation of the user journey maps, we streamlined the user flows by identifying opportunities to minimize complexity and optimize efficiency.

Information Architecture

To enhance visibility and ease of navigation, we restructured the information architecture (IA) of the software. This involved making the menu more user-friendly and ensuring users could effortlessly locate menus and pages without undue effort.


During the wireframing stage, our team engaged in brainstorming sessions to explore diverse design ideas. Wireframes were then shared with stakeholders, and after soliciting user feedback, improvements were implemented in line with this input.



Handoff to Developers

To facilitate a seamless transition from design to development, we compiled a comprehensive design file in Figma. This file encompassed a range of pages, from wireframes to the final prototype. Additionally, we created separate pages to illustrate the flow and included a UI design kit and components. Collaborative meetings with developers were instrumental in aligning the design with their specific requirements, ensuring clarity and ease of comprehension.

Future Development Ideas

During the final project handoff, we engaged in discussions regarding potential future enhancements. One such idea involved exploring the integration of artificial intelligence to further enhance the customer experience on the platform.

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Rxpost Founder testimonial

Amantha Bagdon

Amantha Bagdon

Founder & CEO


Working with Hoda, Saeid, and the SinanSoft team to develop wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for our Customer Delight Product has been an absolute joy and a remarkable experience. Their expertise, creativity, and professionalism have exceeded all expectations, resulting in a truly outstanding outcome. I cannot praise their work enough.From the very beginning, Hoda showcased a deep understanding of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles. She effortlessly transformed our ideas and vision into beautiful and intuitive wireframes that perfectly captured the essence of our product.