Startups are often founded by “business people,” not “technical people.” These same, very intelligent, business-minded entrepreneurs then go looking for developers to create their product. This can be, if not handled correctly, the beginning of the end.
An entrepreneur whose skills lie in the management and operation of their company do not generally know what to do with technology because they do not understand what their options are. Nor do they understand what types of challenges are easy to overcome and which are not. You must have someone on your team who is solely focused on the long-term and big picture aspect of your software platform or your project can derail very quickly.

Our lineup of incredibly talented developers and project managers truly partner with you in bringing your product to life. We become an extension of your company. We have fun, practice open communication and encourage our clients and each other to push the limits.

At SinanSoft we concentrate on helping you get your product ready to go to the market quickly and effectively. Our agile development methodologies and web based project management tools provide you with constant communication, simple collaboration and in-depth transparency throughout our entire process.