Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance of a Software Solution is an integral part of our Development and Delivery Process. No methodology or programming languages will guarantee stable and functionally correct Software system without rigorous QA validation
Requirements Analysis - Business and functional requirements analysis and collaboration with a client
  • Test Plan Procedure - Document which describes approaches and process for QA process in the project
  • Test Cases Preparation - Documentation of Test Cases into Test Management Tool or Document
  • Test Cases Automation - Automation of Test Cases for execution either ad hoc or via Continuous Integration
  • Test Cases Integration - Integration into Project Management Tools for Reporting and Tracking
  • Test Case Execution - Execution of Tests suite in the Development Flow
  • Performance and Failover Tests Execution - Performance tests suite and failure recovery validation
  • Soak Tests Execution - Long running tests for stability and reliability validation

QA Automation in Enterprise Projects
We are strong proponents of Automation of QA activities and Continuous Integration usage for driving QA validation steps.