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Digital Marketing and Design: How damaging advertisement design is the search for success

These days, digital advertisements are everywhere. And at times it gets very challenging for developers to be seen in the crowd, Digital Marketers are trying to find new ways to improve their online campaign engagements.
Most advertisers seem to ignore one of the most basic elements of effective ads, which is design, in this blind rush to succeed.
While graphics, also referred to as “creative,” are one of the main criteria for any online advertisement campaign, many advertisers use a plethora of automation tools to streamline their digital marketing process and typically tend to use pre-made templates rather than relying on original designs in an attempt to streamline their digital marketing process.

Digital Marketing and Design

Well, it’s not just, as it seems, the hyped-up operation. In fact, several other factors are leading to this ignorance of digital advertising design essentials.

1. Bandwagon

Instead of material, more advertisers are concentrating on instruments. It is becoming the new standard in digital marketing to implement the next trend marketing tool to get ahead of competitors.

With a successful strategic evaluation & modification of the marketing plan, there is nothing wrong. But, the correct way to go is not to make reactive changes. On the other hand, it might turn out to be unnecessary in the long run to emulate competition out of context.

2. The Fast Results race

As Managers want quick results Digital Marketing, The race is still on for more leads, more engagements, and more conversions. It can sometimes be difficult to handle several campaigns with a range of ad formats.

This way, advertisers are more concerned about the end outcome than about the vital process at hand. Finally, consistency is lost when concentrating on getting things quickly.

3. Automation

Automation, a catchphrase in marketing departments, helps to explicitly influence the design process. The method of distributing online advertising has shrunk significantly over the years. The top priority of marketing teams has been to simplify the steps involved in organizing, designing & implementing online campaigns, which is not a bad thing per se.

While this automation process accelerated things, it also significantly reduced the time allotted for visual design or “creative” creation.

4. Recruitment

Surprisingly, hiring does play a role in shaping the method of advertising design.

Go to to check for roles affiliated with junior executive-level digital marketing. And look at the details of employment.

The more you look at the job descriptions, the more a recurring point Will be identified. More and more recruiters want their young executives in digital marketing to also be professional in design.

Two different skills include digital marketing and graphic design. Design is an integral aspect of the online advertising process, but a graphic designer does not necessarily have to be a digital marketer. Design & marketing departments work very closely together, and designers must meet their design briefs. But, they don’t have to master the skills of digital marketing.

When digital marketers venture into the field of architecture and vice versa, things get tricky. It said that everyone has the right to learn a range of abilities, but it should make sense to have the latest skillset a specialist needs to obtain. If a graphic designer wants to learn UI / UX, for instance, it makes perfect sense. This also makes perfect sense if an SEO specialist wishes to learn SEM & SMM skills. But it’s not a straightforward job to try to be a professional in two different fields.

Professionals know this, but the question is at the level of recruiting. Recruiters & small businesses searching for digital marketing professionals plus designer positions are not saving their business any money, they are potentially hurting their businesses by recruiting professionals who may not be able to execute their jobs effectively.

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